FR2 Noten – Henry VIII book, 9 trios


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This digital edition contains a secection of nine 3-part pieces from the famous Henry VIII book ((GB-Lbl Add. 31922). The selection, transcriptions and preface is done by Tom Beets. The instrumentation is ATB/STB. The works included are:  : [U]n Vray Amoure, En frolyck weson, My love she mourneth, [Consort IX], Ffa la sol (fragm), Helas madam, Pastyme with good companye, Duas partes in unum, Wher to shuld I expresse. Most of these works have been recorded by FRQ on the CD ‘the Six Wives of Henry VIII’ (Passacaille PAS948, 2008)

Score 9 pages & preface 4 pages.


Listen to [E]n Vray Amoure & Duas partes in unum here (recording FRQ, CD The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Passacaille 948, 2008)


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