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This digital edition contains two baroque duo sonatas as they are recorded by FR2:

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767): from 36 Fantaisies pour le clavessin

  • Pompeusement TWV 33:15
  • Allegro TWV 33:29
  • Largo TWV 33:6
  • Presto TWV 33:2]

Giuseppe Sammartini (1695-1750): Sonate Op. 6/III

  • Spiritoso
  • Allegro
  • Andantino
  • Minuet

Georg Philipp Telemann was so successful that he published most of what he wrote. Throughout his impressive career, his style was in constant evolution. From different national styles (French, Italian, the ‘mixed German style’ and even Polish) to galant and almost classical. His fantasias for flute, violin and viol are well known but much less famous are the 36 Fantaisies pour le clavessin TWV 33. From this large set of two-part pieces, published in 1732-33, we have compiled a sonata. The movements have been carefully chosen to fit the recorder. The four movements are Pompeusement TWV 33:15, Allegro TWV 33:29, Largo TWV 33:6 and Presto TWV 33:2.

Giuseppe Sammartini took a similar road. His style went from late Baroque, to galant and finally ‘Sturm und Drang’. This edition presents the third sonata from Giuseppe Sammartini’s SIX SONATAS OR DUETS for two German Flutes… (London, ca. 1750). This set of duets Op. 6, is full of joy, surprises and creativity. It reflects Sammartini’s later compositional style and was published as Opera Prima by James Oswald. We have chosen the 3rd sonata for our first album and this publication.

Score: 12 pages / Parts: 7 pages each


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