Final Favourites (2017)


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Final Favourites is the ultimate plea for the recorder of the Flanders
Recorder Quartet. It’s a Best-of album, nevertheless its content for sure is
unexpected! We dug up those pieces that we think are the the best, the
most fascinating, the most rewarding to play and put them together on
one jam-packed CD. Both well-known (e.g. Johann Sebastian Bach and
Jan Van Landeghem) as more obscure (e.g. Costanzo Festa and Robert
Parsons) composers have found their way into this compilation, that exists
not only as a CD but also as a concert programme.

Final Favourites is more than a musical testament. The 36-pages CD
booklet gives insight in the personal adventures of the members of the
FRQ, back then and now. Over a dozen pictures of the group are combines
with textual contributions about being Always on the Road, about the
Milestones of the FRQ, about the Dance of the Muses on stage, about the
CD Programme and about Gratitute. Because gratitude, that is what Final
Favourites is all about…

Our personal favourite of this CD? The selection of
counterpoints on the tune La Spagna by the Italian composer Costanzo
Festa (c.1485-1545), a tour-de- force of counterpoint and a real treat for
the ear, played on a remarkable set of high pitched recorders after
Sebastian Virdung by Adrian Brown.

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