The Darke is my Delight (2009)


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Darkness and Pleasure in the musical ‘Age of Plenty’
With Amaryllis Dieltiens and Bart Naessens

The English Renaissance was of necessity a haven of chamber music: under the influence of the Puritans, the private sphere gained importance for the predominantly Roman Catholic musicians and the musical life of the island. Cheerful exuberance as well as deeply felt melancholy mark the works on this SACD. Among the composers are unknown names, but also those of Dowland, Byrd and Morley. A special highlight are the eight consort songs featuring the Flemish soprano Amaryllis Dieltiens in her solo debut on AEOLUS, sonorously accompanied by the Flanders Recorder Quartet.

The Belgian ensemble Flanders Recorder Quartet numbers among the absolute top formations of its kind. Concert tours regularly lead it to North America and Asia. On this SACD the ensemble plays 18 different Renaissance recorders, from soprano to great bass.

The recording was made in the splendid acoustics of the former Augustine church of Antwerp’s Augustinus Music Centre (AMUZ). The surround-sound version on the SACD promises special listening pleasure.


Capricio & Volta du Tambour Anonymus
The Dark is My Delight Anonymus
Sorrow, come John Dowland (1563-1626)
This merry pleasant Spring Anonymus
Sermone blando William Byrd (1543-1623)
The Nightingale Thomas Morley (c.1558-1602)
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la. William Byrd (1543-1623)
Fantasia William Byrd (1543-1623)
Willow Song Anonymus
Pavana Thomas Morley (c.1558-1602)
Ut re mi fa sol la Robert Parsons (c.1535-1572)
Hear me, O God (Four Note Pavan) Alfonso Ferrabosco (c.1575-1628)
Four Note Pavan Alfonso Ferrabosco (c.1575-1628)
Hugh Ashton’s Maske Hugh Ashton (c.1485-1558)
Cuckoo Richard Nicholson (c.1570-1639)
Sweet, they say such virtue lies in your lips Richard Nicholson (c.1570-1639)
Satyr’s Dance Robert Johnson (c.1583-c.1634)
I am not I of such belief William Wigthorpe (c.1570-c.1610)
Uppon la mi re Thomas Preston (?-c.1563)

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